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Interested in the Quaker religion, Quaker history, or interviews with modern Quakers? QuakerSpeak is a Quaker YouTube channel. We interview Friends of all different backgrounds and ask them the core questions of our faith, and release a new video every other Thursday.

QuakerSpeak interviews are personal and intimate. We seek to give viewers worldwide an experience that is entertaining, informative, inspiring, challenging, inviting, unifying and collaborative.

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Thee Quaker Podcast

Thee Quaker Podcast brings stories of spiritual courage to your ears.

Quakers (aka the Religious Society of Friends) have always wrestled with big questions in their search for spiritual truth. Thee Quaker Podcast is a continuation of that 400-year-old tradition — we’re digging deep to search for innovative stories that explore themes of faith, conviction, and doubt.

George Fox, one of the founders of Quakerism, believed there was “that of God” in everyone, and a “great people to be gathered.” Whether you are a lifelong Quaker, seeking a spiritual home, or simply passing by out of curiosity, we know you will find something that speaks to you in our podcast feed every week.

Trust us… for a group of people known for sitting quietly in worship, things can get kind of wild.

Quakers Today

Quakers Today features writers, musicians, and thinkers who are seeking wisdom and understanding in a rapidly changing world. We do not pretend to have all the answers. Instead we have a place where you can hear people speak from the heart, grapple with faith, and share the insights they have found along the way. It is also a place where you will have the opportunity to share your own insights, reflections, and questions. Hosted by Peterson Toscano, Quakers Today is a project of The Friends Publishing Corporation. Season Two of Quakers Today is sponsored by American Friends Service Committee (AFSC.)

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Friends Journal

Friends Journal is published by Friends Publishing Corporation. Our mission is to communicate Quaker experience in order to connect and deepen spiritual lives.

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American Friends Service Committee

AFSC works for a just, peaceful, and sustainable world free of violence, inequality, and oppression. We join with people and partners worldwide to meet urgent community needs, challenge injustice, and build peace.

Guided by the Quaker belief in the divine light of each person, AFSC works with people of all faiths and backgrounds to challenge unjust systems and promote lasting peace.

Baltimore Yearly Meeting

Baltimore Yearly Meeting is a regional Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends that has existed for more than 300 years. Geographically, it includes most of Virginia, the portion of Maryland west of the Chesapeake Bay, central Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia, and parts of West Virginia. It has about 4,740 members--Friends of all ages--organized into 40 established Monthly Meetings plus 13 Preparative Meetings and Worship Groups. Like any Friends Meeting, the Baltimore Yearly Meeting comes together for gathered worship and corporate discernment, seeking to know God’s will.

BYM Camps

BYM Camps is a family of four summer camp programs spread along the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and Maryland. Operated and stewarded by the Baltimore Yearly Meeting Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), these four programs are unique and distinctive but tied together by a belief in the importance and value of every person. We build communities and experiences that allow everyone — campers and staff — to find their light, shine their light, grow their light, and share their light.

Friends Committee on National Legislation

The Friends Committee on National Legislation is a national, nonpartisan Quaker organization that lobbies Congress and the administration to advance peace, justice, and environmental stewardship.

FCNL is composed of two distinct organizations: the Friends Committee on National Legislation, a lobbying organization; and the FCNL Education Fund, a charitable organization.

Friends House Moscow

Friends House Moscow works to promote peace and a just, fair and caring society, and help underprivileged groups and individuals, in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union. We also tell Russian-speaking people about Quakers, who we are and what we do.

The work of Friends House Moscow reflects the deepest values of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

Friends Library

This website exists to freely share the writings of early members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), believing that no other collection of Christian writings more accurately communicates or powerfully illustrates the soul-transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Friends Wilderness Center

Founded in 1974, Friends Wilderness Center is a 501c3 non-profit, which serves to hold the door open for all those who seek the restorative power of nature. While arising from and adhering to Quaker practice, Friends Wilderness is an independent organization relying on the support of generous individual donors who share our commitment to extend the gift of our wilderness surroundings freely for the benefit of all.

Friends World Committee for Consultation

The Friends World Committee for Consultation encourages fellowship and understanding among all the branches of the Religious Society of Friends.

Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC), represents Quakers around the world. Known today for its peaceful principles, the Quaker community circles the globe, spanning a rich diversity of regional cultures, beliefs and styles of worship. FWCC exists to bring fellowship to all Quakers around the world and speak on behalf of Quakers in international spaces such as the United Nations. is a place for people worldwide to access reliable basic information about the Religious Society of Friends (the Quakers) and to explore resources that could help them find a spiritual path and community. is a project of Friends Publishing Corporation, which is an independent Quaker nonprofit organization that publishes Friends Journal and the QuakerSpeak series on YouTube. The mission of Friends Publishing Corporation is to communicate Quaker experience in order to connect and deepen spiritual lives.

Quaker Earthcare Witness

Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW) is a network of Friends (Quakers) in North America working on Earthcare concerns. We work to inspire Spirit-led action toward ecological sustainability and environmental justice.

QEW has grown out of a strong leading among Friends that our future depends on a spiritual transformation in our relationships with each other and the natural world. For over 30 years, we have helped Friends integrate Earthcare into their daily lives.

Ramallah Friends School

Guided by Quaker principles and values, enriched by being in Palestine, and strengthened by collaboration within the school community and with external partnerships, Ramallah Friends School (RFS) offers children and youth with an academically rigorous, balanced, engaging and inclusive learning environment of the highest quality standard, every day.

We inspire our students to become a living expression of a spiritual life, and be in constant search for God in all human situations. By doing so, we nurture confidence and intellectual curiosity through experiential learning and innovative application of knowledge and skills, enabling our students to become independent, adaptable but principled, socially responsible, and internationally-minded citizens.

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All resource descriptions are quoted from their respective websites.