Maury River Friends Meeting

Who we are:

Maury River Friends Meeting is a worshiping community gathered in the presence of the Divine, affirming that of God in everyone.

We aspire to listen deeply and inclusively to each other, to actively welcome all, and to attend in joy and faith to the Inward Teacher, whom some call the Light Within, some call Spirit, and some call Christ.

We seek to serve others in love, to share our gifts and resources with those in need, and to witness to our shared experience of the Divine.

How we worship:

As we gather in silence each Sunday in Meeting for Worship, we support each other while we seek a closer relationship with the Divine. We do not have a minister or a special worship program, but instead deepen our listening to the leadings of Spirit in our lives.

Sometimes, during Meeting for Worship, someone will feel a moved to share a message. This is called Vocal Ministry, and it is an essential way that Spirit is experienced through and among us. The act of Vocal Ministry is in itself a form of spiritual growth. Worship is the center of our lives as a Quaker community and vocal ministry is one of the ways we look for and experience spiritual guidance and nourishment.

For Quakers, prayer is more about listening than talking. Prayer is a way to open ourselves to the Divine presence and wait to hear the leadings of the Spirit. It is part of our individual lives as well as part of Meeting for Worship. Quakers may pray silently, or aloud, as they are led. Some Quakers use the Bible or other spiritual writings when they pray. What is most important to Quakers about prayer is that we listen carefully for what God has to say to us.

How we are organized:

We are a Monthly Meeting (which meets weekly) associated with Baltimore Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.